Anastasia was in Belgium in December, at the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences of KU Leuven University, to prepare more than 500 samples for carbon, nitrogen, and hydrogen stable isotope analyses; the latter of which is still ongoing. Hydrogen stable isotope (δ2H) results can be used to reconstruct past diets (combined with δ13C and...


Marica Baldoni is the new postdoc who joined the FELIX team in December! She will work on ancient cats’ metagenomics for the next two years to detect the presence of pathogens and reconstructing the ancient microbial communities…Good job, Marica!


Two members of the Felix staff have been engaged in an exciting sampling session at the Museum of Archeaology Schloss Gottorf in beautiful Schleswig in the north of Schleswig-Holstein. The archeological sites in this area date back to the Viking Age, when the sea trading venue of the near Haithabu constituted a narrow passage between...

We seek highly motivated applicants with a strong interest in inter-disciplinary research! The fellow will work on historic and prehistoric specimens of cats to detect the presence of microbial pathogens and reconstruct ancient microbial communities from dental calculus samples. Applications must be submitted on the Italian Cineca Pica platform only: Find our contact details...

Welcome to Marco De Martino, the new PhD student of Felix project! Marco was selected to join the Doctoral school of Evolutionary Biology and Ecology and he will work on paleogenomics of ancient cats for the next 3 years. Good job Marco!

We are finalizing the selections for the two post-doc positions to conduct paleogenomic and stable isotope analyses of ancient cats. New colleagues will join our team!

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