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Nature Video: Cat domestication: From farms to sofas

Felix media outlet coverage

Ecology&Evolution: Cats love fish, don’t they?
Project Repository Journal: The feline enigma: exploring the origins, dispersal and evolution       of domestic cats
Eoswetenschap article: Archaeological cat remains bring the history of the domestic cat to life, an interview with Bea De Cupere (for Dutch readers)
Archaeo-café podcast: Episode 2-34 – Palaeofelinology: an interview with Claudio Ottoni
Uniroma2 website: A history of Cat-Human relationship: 2mln granted by ERC to the Felix project

Media outlet coverage (Nat Eco Evo 2017 publication)

Science Online News: Ancient Egyptians may have given cats the personality to conquer the world
National Geographic: Cats Domesticated Themselves, Ancient DNA Shows
The Atlantic: How Cats Used Humans to Conquer the World
BBC: How cats conquered the ancient world
Washington Post: Long before they conquered the Internet, cats took over the world
Repubblica: Le origini del gatto domestico? “Si è fatto adottare già nella preistoria, lo conferma il Dna”
EL Pais: Tu gato desciende del gato salvaje africano

Other media coverage

Science News: China’s most mysterious wildcat may not be its own species
National Geographic “House cat ancestors’ remains found in Polish caves—2,000 miles from home”
CNN “Cats may have been pets along the Silk Road over 1,000 years ago”.
Science News “Viking cat skeletons reveal a surprising growth in the size of felines over time”.
EMBO Reports – Science and Society “The genetics of domestication”

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