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I am an anthropologist and I obtained by Ph.D. in Applied Medico-Surgical Sciences at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” (Italy) in April 2019. My doctoral thesis focused on the osteobiographical reconstruction of an Italian Medieval population. Since November 2019 I started a second doctoral program and I am completing my doctoral thesis in Evolutionary Biology and Ecology at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” (Italy). This new Ph.D. project aims at the investigation of diet and lifestyle variations during the Medieval period by integrating stable isotope analysis from bone proteins and the metagenomic analysis of dental calculus. In the last few years I had international research experiences thanks to the participation at the ERASMUS+ Traineeship program at the Liverpool John Moores University (UK) and as anthropology consultant for a NPRP project (funded by the Qatar National Research Fund) at Sidra Medicine (Doha, Qatar). My research interests rely on bioarchaeology and molecular anthropology and they include the morphological analysis of ancient skeletal remains, stable isotope analysis for paleodietary reconstruction and metagenomics of ancient dental calculus. In the last two years my research particularly focused on the metagenomic analysis of ancient calculus samples aiming to investigate the oral microbiome. I joined the FELIX ERC project as postdoctoral researcher in December 2022, and in next two years I will work on ancient cats’ metagenomics aiming at detecting the presence of eventual pathogens and reconstructing the ancient microbial communities.




Via della Ricerca Scientifica 1 - 00173 Roma
+39 06 72594391
+39 06 72594391
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