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I am an archaeologist with a specialisation in molecular anthropology and paleogenetic. My main interests focus on reconstructing the history of past human populations by combining together molecular and archaeological data. I obtained my doctoral degree in Earth, Life and Environmental Sciences in 2018, at the University of Bologna (Italy), with a PhD project focused on exploring population dynamics of Iron Age human communities in the Italian peninsula using the analysis of ancient DNA. In 2019, I enlisted in the Italian Carabinieri Force and served as a reserve Second lieutenant at the biology section of the Scientific Science Unit (RIS) in Parma (Italy). Later on, after some professional experiences in private companies, where I provided analytical services and customised solutions in the field of the High-Throughput Sequencing applied to life science and agri-food area, in October 2021 I started a postdoc in PRIN2017 AGED project at the Centre of Molecular Anthropology for Ancient DNA studies of the University of Rome Tor Vergata (Italy). In particular, my research has focused on the study of human population dynamics in Central Italy during the Middle Ages through paleogenomics. In July 2023, I joined the ERC project FELIX as a postdoctoral researcher, where I will work on the paleogenomics and populations genomics of wild and domestic Asian cats.



Via della Ricerca Scientifica 1 - 00173 Roma
+39 06 72594391
+39 06 72594391
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